Month: April 2019

Steve Coster Warrior Acupuncture

Be a Warrior, not a worrier.

By Steve Coster / 19th April 2019

Who isn’t worried?  It affects everyone, because that’s the kind of world we live in now.  But why do some people worry more than others?  In Chinese Medicine worry can be caused by an underlying weakness of the Spleen, Heart or Lungs, or a combination of all three.  Worrying can therefore be a symptom of […]

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Mother Steve Coster acupuncture southend

Big up to all the Mums!

By Steve Coster / 5th April 2019

As it was Mother’s Day last weekend, this week’s blog is all about the concept of Mother in Chinese Medicine. We are hugely connected to our mothers and profoundly influenced by them, whether we like it or not! Even if you don’t, or didn’t, get along, we will certainly still feel a connection to them. […]

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