Month: October 2019

PCOS Acupuncture Southend

Another Acupuncture PCOS Success Story

By Steve Coster / 29th October 2019

Once again Acupuncture comes to the rescue when it seems like there is no hope! Here is another success story dealing with PCOS and the absence of periods (amenorrhoea).   Vicki is 33 years old and she came to see me for acupuncture because she hadn’t had a period for over two years.  She had […]

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acupuncture southend backache

Change and Moving Forward: Acupuncture can help

By Steve Coster / 22nd October 2019

In my last blog I wrote about the Gall Bladder and its importance when it comes to coping with change.  But the Liver is equally as important.  Both are related to the Wood element.  If you remember from my blog earlier in the year, the Liver represents the warrior within us.  It gives us the […]

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Southend Acupuncture Tui na

Time for a Change?

By Steve Coster / 9th October 2019

So here we are at that really weird time of year when it is neither too hot or too cold.  In Chinese Medicine this is the time of year associated with the Earth element.  It is a transitional time of year when we benefit from the harvest but also take stock for the coming lean […]

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