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No Pain Never Again!

It’s lucky for the human race that we have a very short memory when it comes to pain and stress.  If we remembered these sensations acutely, I doubt very much anything worth doing would be repeated.  Everyone would be a single child, no one would change job or partner, and we would all still be living in caves huddled around a stick wondering what that stuff is that is hot but hurts when you touch it.  The mantra No Pain No Gain would instead be No Pain Never Again!

Stress and pain are, of course, both an essential part of life.  How, for instance, could there be love without these two vital ingredients? In health, we actually thrive under these conditions.  But it’s all relative I guess; what I consider pain is pleasure for another person.  Actually, I can relate to that; in what seems another life time ago, I used to run marathons…for pleasure!

Routine versus Stress

We all prefer routine over chaos, don’t we?  I’m currently in the process of moving house.  Being surrounded by boxes, all my precious things gathered up into one or two rooms, has given me some insight into the mind of a hoarder.  They must feel rotten all the time, but I suppose that is why it’s considered a mental illness; it wouldn’t be called an illness if wasn’t a bad state to be in.

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It probably isn’t the best way of doing it, packing everything up before even having a move date, but I haven’t had a lot of practice; I think this is only the fourth time I’ve moved in the last 35 years, and every time before now I’ve only had a few things.  Since the time I moved from my parents’ home in 1993 I seem to have accumulated a lot more stuff.  People who move a lot must have it down to a fine art.  Perhaps the trick is to not have a lot of stuff.  I imagine minimalists have a secret second house where they stash all their stuff.

Chaos Junkies

But no one craves chaos, surely?  Although it does appear to follow some people around.  In actual fact, a little bit of chaos, an adrenaline rush, can be quite good for you.  As I’ve mentioned previously in my blogs, when your Qi is low, it sometimes requires a little bit of a nudge, that’s why we feel better after exercising or eating a little sugar.

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It can be quite a thrill to experience a bit of a rush every now and then; the adrenaline rush of a rollercoaster ride or jumping out of a plane.   Some people deliberately seek out this type of rush, and constantly crave increasingly greater extremes, such as base-jumping, or even body modifications.  In TCM we attribute this to a Heart-Qi inbalance.  Qi must move, but as it becomes weaker it takes more to move it.  This can lead to all sorts of problems, most notably addictions: gambling, eating, alcohol, drugs, even running.

Control is an illusion

The body loves routine and regularity.  Each of the body’s organs has it’s own flow and rhythm.  The most obvious is the heart of course; second by second, minute by minute, year by year, the heart beats on, but it is only when that pattern is disrupted that we really notice it.  It might rush when we are excited, or miss a beat when we are shocked.

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We all like to think we are in control, and maybe we are in the West to some extent, but none of us truly are.  Nobody involved in a terror-attack, especially in cities like London, expected it to happen to them.   And even in less settled places such as Kabul, the rapid Taliban takeover still came as a bit of a shock to most people there.  Just imagine waking up one day to find out you have to leave your home immediately with just the clothes you stand in and the few knick-knacks you can grab. Or even worse, the suede-denim secret police are knocking at your door.

It is important that we look after our Qi, as none of us knows when their live might be really shook up.  Otherwise it wouldn’t be called a shock, just a surprise, which sounds infinitely more pleasant.

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Yul Grinner

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Cancer: the ‘Western’ Disease?

One in two people will develop cancer at one point in their lifetime.  That sounds pretty terrifying, doesn’t it?  Before I begin then, let’s get some perspective; not everyone who gets cancer dies of cancer.  Cancer treatments have come a long way in recent years, especially if they are identified early.    It is now possible to identify a cancer in its very early stages and remove it completely, therefore curing it.  Today you are likely to live nearly 6 times longer after a cancer diagnosis than you were 40 years ago.   You are 95% more likely to survive bowel cancer than you were only 15 years ago.

Is Cancer becoming more common?

The simple answer is yes, cancer is more common today.  This is mainly because we are living longer, but also because we live in a very different world now.  Traditionally we lived as part of the land, in harmony, taking what we needed and not destroying it.  Now we are far removed from the lands where are foods are grown.  Being separate from the world is like separating Yin from Yang; one cannot exist without the other.  However, is seems that the more advanced we become, the further we seem to move away from nature.

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Ill health of the planet can only result in ill health of its inhabitants, which ultimately means disease and extinction.  What happens in the macrocosm is also happening in the microcosm, including the human body.

No longer simply a disease of aging.

Breast cancer is now much more common in younger women, even in their 20s.  Childhood leukemias are occurring more frequently.  Testicular cancer, a disease of younger men, wasn’t even mentioned in the 1960s because it was so rare.

Our environment is now awash with carcinogenic chemicals.  Solvents, plasticizers, cosmetics, fire retardants, fertilizers, medicines, herbicides, and pesticides, are in our food, what we wear and what we sit on.  It’s everywhere.  Today there are over 100,000 new chemicals on the earth, never before seen by living beings.  Approximately 33,000 of them are in daily use and, of those, only about 1500 have been studied for human health effects.  No time at all for the complicated human immune system to evolve and adapt to cope.

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Even if a chemical is banned it doesn’t make much of a difference, as once in the earth, their effects can persist for thousands of years.  DDT, (Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) for instance, was banned in many countries in the early 1970s, but it is still found in the environment and in the breast tissue of women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.  And even today, it isn’t banned in all countries.  In fact, it is being actively promoted by the World Health Organisation to fight malaria in Africa.  (It’s complicated, of course; killing the mosquitos that spread malaria saves the lifes of millions, but at a cost.  It’s a toss-up between which one kills the least).

Cancer and Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medical theory is holistic, whereas the modern western world is predominantly reductionist.  Reductionism breaks everything down to explain it in the simplest terms, separating the many from the whole.  This is all well and good, but when it comes to explaining very complicated things like nature or the human body, it is woefully inadequate.  Holism, on the other hand, takes into consideration how one thing (or many things) affects everything else.

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Greenhouses covering 64,000 acres in Almeria, Spain.

Reductionism is a way of thinking that separates us from our world.  The Heart and the Mind are no longer connected, that is why we can so easily allow damaging industrial practices to continue.  We no longer live in our bodies except from the head up.  What gets our attention is usually some sort of dysfunction, and the resulting symptoms are usually an indication that a long-term process has been in place.

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Factory farming abomination

Western Disease

In Chinese Medicine we believe that the root of all illness is from an external factor or an internal factor, or both.  External factors include the weather, the environment and pollution, what we eat and put into our bodies, and trauma.   Internal factors are our emotions, such as anger, fear and worry.  And of course, external factors will also cause or aggravate internal factors; ever felt angry on a windy day?

The Causes of Disease

Climatic: Wind, Cold, Summer-Heat, Dampness, Dryness, Fire

Other: Weak Constitution, Over-Exertion, Excessive Sexual Activity, Bad Diet, Trauma, Parasites and   Poisons, Wrong Treatment.

Emotional: Anger, Joy, Worry, Pensiveness, Sadness, Fear, Shock.

You will recall from my earlier blogs that each organ has an associated emotion.  For example, grieving and sadness not expressed and resolved will affect the Lung.  This may lead to shallow breathing and the suppression of breathing, which can lead to a lower level of oxygenation and can contribute to the oppression and stasis of Qi in the chest and then in the body overall.

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Yul Grinner

A healthy Liver allows for the free-flow of Qi and blood, and so is affected by suppressed emotions, such as anger.  Liver energy can be stifled or frustrated by life itself, for instance unlived dreams and unfulfillment.

A healthy Spleen enables us to nourish and parent ourselves adequately, so a Spleen out of balance can lead to choosing improper relationships, eating the wrong foods, and not knowing how to love oneselve without feeling selfish.  The central isles in the supermarket are full of the expression of this imbalance.

Bearing all this in mind then, I don’t think it is implausible to suggest that suppressed emotions, unhappiness, and lack of fulfilment are the true underlying causes of ‘Western diseases’.  We call it ‘stress’ and ‘depression’.

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Springtime and Emerging from Lockdown

What does Spring mean to you?  Traditionally it is a time of new beginnings, a time when we burst forth with renewed vigour after a long winter of rest and recovery.  As we slowly emerge from Lockdown (again), this all sounds quite relevant.

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Gulag COVID 19

One of the things I’ve been hearing my patients complain of lately, especially over the last few months, is  a feeling of oppression (and depression).  While we’ve all been staying at home, nature has been quietly stirring, readying itself for the Spring.  And we’ve obviously been very aware of that, if not consciously, certainly subconsciously.  Afterall, locking people up is a punishment; that’s why prisons exist. So we’re all gagging to get out in the open again, see friends and family, eat out and just be outdoors in general.  But why does it feel like we’re out on parole?

The Liver and Accepting Change

To me, Spring is not only about new growth and expansion, but it’s also about flexibility and the ability to make changes.  Those of us who were unable to adapt and change direction in a short space of time, were hit the hardest by the Lockdown.

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The damage is done when nature is suppressed.  In the West we have this obsession with covering everything with concrete and tarmac.  If you walk down the road it is difficult to spot anywhere that hasn’t been covered.  Every garden, every park, is trimmed back and cosmetically altered to within an inch of its life, just like a member of TOWIE.  But you’ve only got to look at somewhere like Chernobyl to see what happens when man’s intervention is taken away; nature returns quickly, and in abundance (even though it’s still so radioactive that man cannot return there for hundreds of years).  If you’ve ever had vine weed in your garden, you know that there is no holding it back.

You only have to look at your own health to see what happens when your true nature is suppressed; it makes you ill.  If you are in a job you hate or in a relationship where you can’t be yourself, you will soon start to feel the effects of suppressing your emotions.  This might be an extreme reaction like going ‘postal’, or more subdued like simply becoming depressed.  A study in the USA showed that people with anxiety/depression died 7.9 years earlier than other persons.

The gall(bladder) of it!

In Chinese medicine it is the Wood element that is associated with the Springtime.  But that doesn’t mean that the Wood is only important in Spring (or even the Springtime of life, which is childhood).  We need the flexibility and resilience of the Wood element to not only move forward in life, but also to withstand life’s rigours.  In Chinese Medicine the Liver and Gallbladder are the Wood organs, and it is the health of these organs that enables us to cope with life’s twists and turns.  This applies to our emotional and spiritual states, as well as the physical.  The Liver is the warrior: it enables you to make plans, expand and strive forward.  The Gallbladder is the decision maker: it supports the Liver in its military endeavours.

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You only have to look at an old or dying tree to see what happens when the Wood element is unhealthy.  It will snap or be uprooted by even the lightest of winds.  Another good example is the Marijuana smoker.  Energetically, Marijuana is a Wood herb which invigorates the Liver but suppresses the Gallbladder.  That’s why spliff-heads have amazing ideas but lack the drive to actually do anything!

Liver Qi Stagnation

On the other hand, when the Liver is stagnant, it constrains the qi.  This can mean heat and pain in the chest and ribs, distention (which in the west we call bloating), constipation and IBS, headaches or emotional problems (usually related to anger, frustration and resentment).  And if there is any pain, you can pretty much guarantee that there will be Liver involvement.  For instance, Liver qi stagnation can stop periods or cause period pain.

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Yul Grinner

Liver qi stagnation is caused by stress, emotional tension and disruption of internal cycles and circadian rhythms by shift work, all the things that have been part of Lockdown and the COVID pandemic.   And to top it all off, any Liver disharmony also has a significant likelihood of causing knots in the muscles of the upper back and neck due to the muscle tightness and spasm characteristic of qi constraint.

Become a tree-hugger

Now the weather is changing and we are filled with renewed vigour after the Lockdown, get outside and allow your Liver qi to move and expand.  If you live near the sea, take a walk along the shoreline and take in the expanse; nourish your lungs and your eyes.  If you live more inland, get out of the town and into the countryside; hug a tree and become the Wood element!

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Supporting Local Business

Over the Lockdown local businessman Dave McNeilly has been interviewing other local businesses who have stayed open during the pandemic.

Here I am talking to Dave about who I am and what I do.

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The Yin and Yang of Snow

No matter how much of a pain the snow can be (disrupting travel, closing schools (if they weren’t closed already)), it still sparks that childhood joy in me.  My heart still leaps when I wake up on a winter’s morning to find that is has snowed over night.  And although I no longer rush out to meet my mates for snowball fights and sledging, I still can’t wait to just walk in it.  Luckily, we don’t have months of it like they do in other countries.  In the UK it’s rather fleeting, so all the more reason to get out there and experience it before it’s gone.

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Take a moment for yourself

To me snow means a break from the norm.  An opportunity to stop and feel like I’m somewhere different from the mundane, the world of work and bills and queuing up at the supermarket.  It’s too dangerous to go cycling or running, and I haven’t even bothered to drive my car over the last few days, I’ve just been walking everywhere.  Snow days become a problem when you just try to carry on as normal, instead of just stopping for a day.  It’s a good excuse to just have a day of peace.

Contemplating the snow

It’s snowing quite heavily as I write this. I find my gaze is drawn to the snow falling.  There is something quite primal sitting in a warm room watching the snow silently fall.  I can imagine people being exactly the same way thousands of years ago.  There’s not much else to do, other than contemplate the stillness.  Although it is undoubtedly less fun if you are cold, scared and hungry.  It’s funny how when we are children we want to just rush out and be in the snow, but now I’m quite happy being in a warm shelter just simply watching it.

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There’s no mediation like a snow meditation

To me, snow exemplifies the Yin aspect of nature.  All is still; there is just the gentle fall of snow.  It cushions everything.  All noise is dampened; it seems to suck in all the surrounding sounds.  It’s like being in a bell-jar.  When I’m out walking in snow, it totally dominates my attention.  It’s a walking meditation; my attention is 100 percent on where I place my feet for fear of slipping.  All I hear is the soft crunch of the snow beneath my feet and my breath as I breathe in the cool, clean air (the air feels cleaner anyway).

Walking in the snow and ice is the ultimately mindfulness.  It takes up your entire attention.  After walking to and from work in the snow and ice, my hips and lower back are aching.  I was obviously walking in an entirely different way in order to avoid slipping over.  And, of course, it’s so unusual to walk in the snow (for us in the South anyway), that’s why it feels so novel, I guess.

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The Yin and Yang of Snow

Snow exemplifies the Yin and Yang.  Yang is energy and action; Yin is stillness and peace.  Yet the two cannot exist without each other.  I may be just sitting here, being peaceful and contemplative, but my heart still pumps, my blood rushes through my arteries, digestion and peristalsis continues, chemicals and hormones are still triggered.  A Snowflake itself is just frozen water molecules bound together.  They are cold and immobile, extremely Yin.   But not entirely.  The whiteness of snow and its lightness is in fact a very Yang trait.  And like anything involving water, if you get enough of it together it can be a powerful force.  Think of tidal-waves and avalanches; they are unstoppable and deadly.  Or the seemly unperceptive flow of glaciers, forming mountain ranges over thousands of years.

Let me know how you feel about snow, even if you don’t enjoy it.  And of course, if this weather has isolated you even more, feel free to call me.

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The Heart Speaks and the Kidneys Listen

Since the Lockdown I’ve been seeing more and more people who are suffering with anxiety and depression.  Recently I resumed my work at Macmillan and, although my first client was booked in for 45 minutes, we ended up chatting for the whole treatment.  For my client it was invigorating to simply get out of his house and be able to talk to someone different for a change.  I could see his spirits lifting without me even having to put a needle in (Don’t worry, he did get some acupuncture too). You could see that much of the anxiety that he was suffering from was due to lack of human contact.

And now many of us must endure another Lockdown.

Barbaric treatment of the Elderly & Vulnerable

Sadly, it’s the ones who need contact with their loved ones the most who are being locked away.  Many of the elderly, with dementia and other serious conditions, are simply fading away because they are being isolated ‘for their own good’.  My own Grandmother died last week in a home for the elderly.  She was 99 with advanced vascular dementia and she died on her own.  We were one of the ‘lucky’ families however, as she was allowed one visitor for a few hours a week…in the garden.  On the day she died my mother was allowed into her room for one hour in the morning.

Nan died that same day at 9pm, alone.  Is this the world we want to live in, a world where we simply shut people away until the problem disappears with a magic pill?

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Louise Hayward 1921 – 2020

Living in fear destroys joy

We need to be able to express ourselves to have a health existence, without that we just wither and die.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) it’s all about the Heart and Kidney.  The emotions associated with the Heart are Love and Joy, while for the Kidneys it is Fear.  So lack of love and joy will affect the health of the Heart, and living in isolation and a state of fear weakens the Kidneys.  Seeing as many of us have been living in isolation and fear for the best part of a year…well, you don’t need me to tell you it isn’t good.

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The relationship between the Heart and Kidneys is a crucial one; the Fire element of the Heart controls the Water element of the kidneys, and vice versa.   The Water stops the Fire from becoming a blaze, while the Fire warms the Kidneys preventing them from becoming to cool.  So, from an energetic point of view, this year has effectively done everything it can to extinguish our passion for life.  It also feels like we are in a permanent state of stagnation, which stops our energy from moving, which affects all the organs.

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The Gate of Life

In TCM it is also said that a fire is borne between the Kidneys, known as the Ming Men Fire or Gate of Life (or vitality).  This fire acts like a cauldron, boiling up all the waste and fluids in the lower aspect of the body, separating the good from the bad,  but also creating a steam that rises up and moistens the organs, keeping the sinews flexible and the Mind clear.  And although the Heart has a fire of its own, it is supported by the heat generated by the Ming Men.  So if the Kidneys are weakened (by fear for instance), then so too is the Ming Men fire.  And when the Ming Men goes cold, the fire leaves you and you are no more.

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The Heart speaks and the Kidneys listen

In TCM it is said that the Heart opens at the tongue, so the state of your heart\fire is reflected in the condition of your tongue. The health of your Heart also affects speech and any abnormalities may cause stuttering or aphasia (inability to comprehend or formulate language).  Apart from speech difficulties themselves, the Heart also influences talking and laughing. Often a disharmony of the Heart can cause a person to talk incessantly or laugh inappropriately, like that person who tells you a sad story and then laughs at the end.

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Can you hear me?

Speaking is important but it is nothing without someone to listen back.  Good hearing depends on healthy kidneys.  The kidneys open into the ears; if the kidneys are healthy the ears can hear the five sounds.  Weak Kidneys may impair hearing and also lead to tinnitus.  Hearing can deteriorate with age, which corresponds with the weakening of the Kidneys as we get older.  This is nature.  As we grow older the yin depletes and so does the yang in turn.  One cannot exist without the other.  Which again takes us back to the relationship between the Heart and Kidneys – fire and water = Yin and Yang.

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I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to have someone to speak to, and more than one person preferably.  We are social beings.  This is our evolution.  The fire is hugely significant to us as humans.  Without the discovery of fire, we would still be crawling around in the primordial soup.  Fire enabled us to keep warm and ward off wild animals.  It allowed us to cook food making it more digestible.  It allowed us to bend metals to create weapons for hunting and defence.  And where would be without water?

So, if you need to chat, about anything, or you just would like someone to listen to you, give me a call.  My door is always open.

Much love.



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Autumn is here…nearly!

Just when we thought it was Autumn the sun has decided to give us one more blast of warmth!  Strictly speaking, of course, it’s the tilt of the planet and the southerly winds that dictate when it is warm in the UK.  The sun doesn’t really care.  It just shines on regardless, 24/7 all year round, hopefully for the next 5 billion years before it finally dies.

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Earth Phase = late summer

Autumn isn’t due until the equinox on 22nd September of course, so at the moment it’s still summer, albeit barely hanging on by its fingertips.  According to the Five Elements system in Chinese philosophy, we are actually in the Earth phase, a pivotal time of year between the Yang and Yin when the summer is waning.  It is the last days of the harvest; the final crops are being brought in and fruits are at their ripest and sweetest.

It is also the Earth phase that connects all the elements to each other.   The Earth in our bodies is represented by the functions of the Stomach and Spleen (or the digestive system), and so the centre of the human anatomy, so pretty important to the whole of the body.  The harvest is also pretty important.  Without a good harvest the winter will be pretty grim, which will have a knock on effect for the seasons to follow.

Southend on Sea acupuncture pain back neck

Living according to the Seasons

The same applies to us too.  In this context a good harvest might mean a good salary, enough to perhaps invest and build up a pension pot for our autumn years.  It might also mean living a healthy lifestyle and keeping fit throughout our summer years (in this context meaning one’s 30s and 40s) in order to enjoy our retirement years.

The Autumn should be a time of withdrawing from outside involvement and looking for meaning within. It is a time of ‘letting go’, just as the trees let go of their leaves.  If you find it difficult to let go, then you may find it difficult facing the end of life.  And if your harvest is poor, you may find yourself working later on in life when you should be having a gin and tonic at the bowls club.

Westcliff migraine acupuncture pain

Hello Yul

Skinny jeans

So what happens if we don’t (or can’t) let go? Well, if we don’t let go of the summer and continue to wear less, stay up late and eat summer foods, we are more susceptible to viruses and the cold. Or, put another way, if we are not in tune with the changing of the seasons (or nature), our Qi may be weakened and therefore our defences are down.

This can mean poor health too, or even an early death.  Again, using our own life phases as an example, when you are entering the Autumn time of life it becomes increasingly difficult doing the things you were able to do quite easily when you were 30.  It might not be a matter of having the energy, but rather being older and wiser, ‘been there and done that’.  Plus skinny jeans look better on youngsters.

Southend acupuncture fertility ivf

This is the natural cycle of life, something the ancient Chinese not only noticed acutely, but studied and mapped out extensively by way of the 5 element system.  In the Spring everything is bursting with energy, nature flourishes and there is renewed vigour.  This leads to Summer, when the sun is high and growth is in full swing and settling into itself, followed by the late summer, the time of maturation and harvest.  Then comes Autumn, the time of letting go and inward reflection, preparing for the long Winter months of isolation and recovery.

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Out of sync with Nature

This is in an ideal world of course.  Now we find this natural order being affected by global warming, a manmade affliction.  The ice caps are melting, bushfires rage across America, diseases cross the species barrier.  And, of course, Man does not live separate to Nature; we are part of Nature, so in turn our own natural rhythms and health is out of balance too.  Obesity rates in the uk have quadrupled in the last 25 years, which means more diabetes, cancer, and many other comorbidities.  Depression and mental health issues can be found in all sections of society and all age groups.  World fertility rates are on the decline year on and year out.

As I’ve said lots of times in my blog, we need to tune into how we are feeling in order to change our health, and perhaps that means tuning into how the planet is feeling too.  So lots of Qi Gong Earth postures!

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Ear Acupuncture – a modern twist on an ancient therapy

The word acupuncture literally means ‘to puncture with a needle’, but its usage is relatively new;  it was first used as a verb in 1972.  Acupuncture itself, though, has been around a long time, and it has picked up more than one way to puncture the skin along the way.  There is the Chinese system of course, but there are also the Japanese methods, as well as Vietnamese and Korean.  You will also find acupuncture in Ayurvedic tradition medicine.  There are also many micro-systems of acupuncture including facial, abdominal, scalp and head.

Acupuncture Southend Pain

Ear Acupuncture – a modern twist on an ancient therapy

My training is in Chinese acupuncture, but I also use Ear acupuncture (also known as Auriculotherapy).  The origins of using the ear as a microsystem is not actually Chinese, but French.  In the 1950’s, Doctor Paul Nogier discovered that there are anatomical correspondences associated with the image of the inverted foetus in the ear.  He observed a scar located precisely on the upper portion of the ear on several of his patients, made by a lay healer in Marseilles, had successfully treated their sciatic pain.  Based on this, Nogier was able to map the human body and its functions on the ear.

But what has this got to do with Chinese medicine? The Chinese later adopted Nogier’s findings to enhance their own understanding of the ear as a microsystem.  Large scale trials carried out in China validated Nogier’s discoveries and led to the eventual widespread acceptance of his approach.

Southend Acupuncture Pain

The anatomical representations and acupuncture points identified in the ear are therefore quite recent discoveries and cannot be considered traditional, but because of the inclusive nature of Chinese medicine and its ability to absorb ideas from outside, ear acupuncture has been embraced by TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

So how is ear acupuncture different to normal acupuncture? 

Well, there is no difference; people have been sticking pins in their ears (and hands, feet, abdomens, and anywhere else you can think of) to see how it affects the body, for a very long time!  Just like Acupuncture on the normal meridians, Ear Acupuncture can help with not only pain, but a wide variety of conditions.

Ear treatments have been around for a long time.  In around 450BCE Hippocrates, who studied medicine in Egypt, wrote about the Egyptian method of treating impotence by bleeding points on the back of the ear.  And just a few hundred years later (250BCE – 200CE) the Chinese began to write about points on the ear for the treatment of specific conditions.

Did you know?

  • Ear acupuncture is commonly used in the treatment of alcohol and drug withdrawal. The NADA protocol (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association) was developed in the 1970s to help people in withdrawal from narcotics and later spread to alcohol and other withdrawal problems.  It has been used to benefit disaster victims and trauma sufferers worldwide.
  • Battlefield Acupuncture is a protocol developed for the US military and has been highly effective as an emergency analgesia for wounded soldiers.It is a first line therapy used before medics can evacuate the patient and introduce pharmaceuticals.  The protocol does not require the removal of armour or clothing so it can be applied immediately in the field.
  • It has been suggested that pirates used to believe wearing a gold or silver earring would improve their eyesight. There is an acupuncture point on the earlobe called the “ear point” or “vision point” or “master sensorial.” Although there are various points on the body that may be used to improve eyesight, there are reports of people enjoying vision improvements after having their ears pierced.

What happens at an appointment?

An Ear acupuncture appointment is no different to a normal acupuncture appointment. However, it can be performed either seated or lying down, and there is no need to remove clothing.

Chinese medicine looks at the body as a whole, so I may ask you about things that at first seem unrelated to, say, the pain in your elbow.  This is because I need to ascertain that the cause of the pain is not due to something  other than playing tennis.  For example, the pain could be related to diet; research has shown that an autoimmune condition such as Rheumatoid Arthritis can be worsened by certain foods.

But it can sometimes be simpler than that.

I once saw a client who came to me with recurring left elbow pain.  After chatting with him about his lifestyle etc. he mentioned that he was a driving instructor.  It turned out that when he was working he spent most of the day with his left elbow leaning out of the window, exposed to the wind and cold! I treated him and suggested he wind the window up a bit, and the pain never returned!. No steroid injection that time, I’m happy to say.

Once the questions are over you can sit back comfortably during the treatment. Occasionally I may also use body points or Tui Na (Chinese massage) to enhance the treatment.

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Times they are a changing – Acupuncture and Change

Change is inevitable – defy it at your own peril!

You will have gathered from my earlier posts that change is going to happen whether you like it or not.   So perhaps it would be easier if we made more of an occasion of the changes in our lives.

It seems to me that in our society most stages of life are no longer honoured.  We celebrate birthdays and marriages, but what about the other big occasions like coming of age, a girl’s first period, the menopause, and even death?  All these landmarks in a lifetime were once celebrated, but now are gone, tucked away and difficult to talk about.

The Chinese knew about change

Over two thousand years ago Chinese doctors observed that females and males age in seven and eight year cycles respectively.  This is true to some extent; the cells of the organs do regenerate, but at different rates, as do the bones and skin.  The Chinese medical classics talk about Qi and Essence rather than cells.  The Neijing (which is basically the Chinese Medicine bible) makes it very clear that the body is in decline from around the age of thirty-five!

This is what the Chinese observed:

Women age in 7 year cycles

At seven years of age her kidney energy becomes full, her permanent teeth come in, and her hair grows long.

At fourteen years the tian kui, or fertility essence, matures, the conception and vital channels responsible for conception open, menstruation begins, and conception is possible.

At twenty-one years the kidney energy is strong and healthy, the wisdom teeth appear, and the body is vital and flourishing.

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At twenty-eight years the bones and tendons are well developed and the hair and secondary sex characteristics are complete.  This is the height of female development.

At thirty-five years the stomach and large intestine channels that govern the major facial muscles begin to deplete, the muscles begin to atrophy, facial wrinkles appear, and the hair begins to thin.

At forty-two all three yang channels are exhausted, the entire face is wrinkled, and the hair begins to turn grey.

At forty-nine years the conception and vital channels are completely empty, and the tien kui has dried up.  Hence, the flow of the menses ceases and the woman is no longer able to conceive.

Men age in 8 year cycles

At eight years of age the kidney energy becomes full, the permanent teeth appear, and the hair becomes long.

At sixteen years of age the kidney energy is ample, the tien kui is mature, and the Jing is ripe, so procreation is possible.

At twenty-four years the kidney qi is abundant, the bones and tendons grow strong, and the wisdom teeth come in.

At the thirty-second year the body is at the peak of strength, and functions of the male are at their height.

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By forty the kidney qi begins to wane, teeth become loose, and the hair starts to fall.

At forty-eight the yang energy of the head begins to deplete, the face becomes sallow, the hair greys, and the teeth deteriorate.

By fifty-six years the liver energy weakens, causing the tendons to stiffen.

At sixty-four the tian kui dries up and the Jing is drained, resulting in kidney exhaustion, fatigue, and weakness.  The kidney reservoir becomes empty, marking the end of the power of conception.

We live in a cult of youth

We have become too squeamish to talk about ageing and bodily fluids; which is strange when you think about it, because it will happen to every one of us, if we’re lucky. I suppose that’s why we try to brush it under the carpet. 

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Take funerals for example, which in our culture are often sad affairs.  The Toraja people in Indonesia, however, exhume the corpses of their relatives every year in what they call ‘The Ceremony of Cleaning Corpses’.  They clean them and dress them in new clothes and spend the day with them.  In Mexico, of course, they famously celebrate the Day of the Dead. And in Tibetan Buddhism the daily contemplation of death is positively encouraged.  Better to not be taken by surprise by something that is definitely coming.  We just don’t know when.

It is important that we are accepting of change. 

Some things are just inevitable.  We all age and we all experience illness and pain at some point in our lives.  So rather than focusing on the deterioration of our physical bodies, we should highlight the strengths that come with ageing.  The young may have tight skin and be able to stay up all night, but most do not have the wisdom that comes only with ageing.  Let me also add though that not all old people are wise!


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Change and Moving Forward: Acupuncture can help

In my last blog I wrote about the Gall Bladder and its importance when it comes to coping with change.  But the Liver is equally as important.  Both are related to the Wood element.  If you remember from my blog earlier in the year, the Liver represents the warrior within us.  It gives us the courage to make changes and to see them through.  A healthy Wood element also gives us flexibility.  A tree with no water will eventually snap in the wind, or it will simply be uprooted.

Follow this link for a recap of the Liver’s role in the body.


The Liver acts as the General; it needs to be smart and courageous.  It is responsible for defending the borders of the Empire and making plans to do so.  But in order to do this efficiently, the General needs to be flexible as well as courageous.  So just being brave isn’t the only characteristic needed to cope with change, you also need to be flexible.  Sometimes retreating, stepping back and assessing the situation, is necessary on the road to victory.  Just imagine an army that can only go blindly forward. 

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So it’s all well and good that a healthy Gall Bladder enables us to make changes, but we also need the courage provided by the Liver.  

Change and moving forward – Amanda’s story

Amanda came for acupuncture earlier this year primarily to sort out her sciatica and tight hamstrings.  After we talked for a while I began to pick up that she wasn’t particularly happy with certain aspects of her life, and she was quite angry.  There was a lot of frustration in her life.  Her husband was dragging his heels and procrastinating about agreeing to a divorce.  She was bored with her job and she wanted out.  And to top it all, she had recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure!  

Based on Amanda’s sciatica and high blood pressure, I was pretty sure there could be Gall Bladder and Liver involvement, but after hearing more I was certain. I suggested that perhaps it was time for a change and this was a contributory factor to her health issues.  This is a chicken/egg situation.  Is her Qi stagnation stopping her from moving on, or is the inability to move on causing the Qi stagnation which is affecting her physically?  Well it’s difficult to say, but not that important in the scheme of things.  By treating the physical we can also affect the emotional.  So that’s what I did.

Amanda didn’t know where to start, plus she was quite fearful of change.  Where do you start?  She had bills to pay and a son to provide for.  No one likes having the boat rocked when you feel like you are barely clinging on.  But when I suggested that the problem could be an imbalance, this struck a chord.  To make change we not only need to be strong and warrior-like, but we also need to be clever strategists.  Just like General Liver. 

With Amanda I worked mainly on the Sacrum, an area where lots of channels cross, so it’s prone to stagnation. It is also where the Gall Bladder and Bladder channels intersect.  As we know, the Gall Bladder is the decision maker and its paired organ is the Liver, the warrior.  The Bladder’s function, on the other hand is to do with sorting waste products – what to hold on to and what to let go of, and its paired organ, the Kidney, controls fear. 

Fear balances the warrior and stops us from making hasty decisions, but it can also stop us from making any decisions.  We literally freeze in fear.  So by working on these channels to release Amanda’s back pain, I was also working on an emotional/spiritual level.  First the back issue was resolved.  And then one day, after about six sessions, Amanda told me that her husband had agreed to a divorce (with some encouragement from her) and that she had made a stand at work!

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