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Are you Looking but not Seeing?

By Steve Coster / 4th August 2020

One of the things I noticed during the lockdown was how often I have my head down looking at my phone.  I eventually uninstalled Facebook, not only because I was looking at it far too much, but also because it made me feel bad for not totally redecorating the house or learning a new language. […]

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Competition Time!

By Steve Coster / 12th May 2020

This is your chance to win a copy of Peter Deadman’s ‘Live Long Live Well: Teachings from the Chinese Nourishment of Life Teachings’☯️ ☯️ I am offering one lucky person this excellent book by Peter Deadman about the Yangsheng (Nourishment of Life), lessons from the Chinese classics on: Diet: what to eat and how to eat Exercise […]

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Breathing the Qi Gong Way

By Steve Coster / 12th May 2020

How are you all feeling?  These are difficult times, especially if you are prone to feeling anxious anyway.   It’s  the uncertainty of what lies ahead that makes me feel a bit anxious.  The trick is to stay in the moment, by which I mean, trying not to dwell on the past or the future […]

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Facebook Live session 21st April 2020 – Qi Gong and TCM

By Steve Coster / 23rd April 2020

Here I am with Karen Revivo from the Therapy Life Centre, chatting about Qi Gong and all things Chinese Medicine.  I explain about the abdominal breathing we use in Qi Gong and how the Mind also plays an essential role. If you have any questions about acupuncture, or any of the topics in my blogs, please […]

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What day is it? Acupuncture under Lockdown

By Steve Coster / 18th April 2020

Is it week 3 or week 4 of lockdown? I’ve lost track of time.  As an Acupuncturist who works evenings and weekends it’s difficult keeping track of the days anyway.  When I was younger and working in the city, the structure of the week was very rigid. Monday was the start of the week; I […]

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Surviving the COVID19 Lockdown with Chinese Medicine

By Steve Coster / 7th April 2020

What I’ve found to be most important to me during the lockdown is to create some sort of routine.  My work has been hugely affected by the lockdown and already I’m waking up with no idea what day of the week it is.  I’ve been trying to get up at a reasonable time in the […]

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Coronavirus and the Fear of the Unknown

By Steve Coster / 21st March 2020

In Chinese Medicine the Coronavirus is just like any other cold or flu; that is, it primarily affects the respiratory system.  But left unchecked, and depending on your overall health, it can soon work its way deeper into the body, causing more problems as it goes. The symptoms vary, but generally they relate to the […]

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Coronavirus Statement from Steve Coster Acupuncture

By Steve Coster / 13th March 2020

Let me begin by stating that Acupuncture, Tui na and Qi Gong are all excellent for boosting the immune system and therefore protecting you against viruses such as Covid19, or at least lessening the symptoms you may experience. However, please do follow the NHS guidelines re hand washing.   Should you contract the virus, or you […]

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Life in a World of Imbalance

By Steve Coster / 9th March 2020

We live in a world that is out of balance.  The planet itself is not out of balance of course, it just does what it has always done.  The imbalance I’m talking about is within us; we just project that on to everything else. Did you know that between the war years of 1940 and […]

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City City Yang Yang – Learning to slow down

By Steve Coster / 6th February 2020

Recently I’ve been spending a bit of time in London.  I was on a fertility and menstrual problems workshop the whole of last weekend, run by my Tui na teacher, Sarah Pritchard.  I also paid a visit to Tate Britain to see the William Blake exhibition before it ends.  It was a great show but […]

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