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Cold is for dead people!

By Steve Coster / 22nd December 2023

As I’m always saying to anyone that will listen, we should be in tune with nature and the seasons, so I’m trying to love the winter months. Although winter in the UK means short, soggy, grey days, and long cold nights. As I write this it’s the winter solstice, so I take comfort in that […]

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I’m Trying to Slooooow Down

By Steve Coster / 6th July 2023

On the weekend I met someone who has swapped their smart phone for a dumb phone; that is, a phone that just allows calls and texting, none of the bells and whistles.  And I thought to myself, could I live without my smart phone?  How many times have I found myself looking at my phone […]

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Hay Fever and Acupuncture…again

By Steve Coster / 19th June 2023

I’ve suffered with hay fever my whole life, but every year it always seems to catch me by surprise.  And this year feels exceptionally bad.  I think I’m allergic to oak pollen of all things, and grass of course.  Grass is my nemesis.  In June I only have to look at it and I’m sneezing.  […]

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Yin and Yang and Work/Life Balance

By Steve Coster / 9th June 2023

In health, balance is everything.  Even in day-to-day life we talk about balance, particularly work/life balance.  If we are out of balance, then we can feel exhausted and unwell.   And if someone does something crazy or out of character, we say they are unbalanced.  Homeostasis In Western medicine it’s called homeostasis, which is a fine […]

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It’s that time of year again!

By Steve Coster / 31st March 2023

In the UK the weather is always unpredictable of course, particularly at this time of year.  It’s never a surprise to have a heatwave one day and a snow storm the next.  In the time it has taken me to write this, it has rained then snowed and now it is sunny!  So why do […]

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