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How’s your Summer Catarrh this year?

By Steve Coster / 8th July 2022

Hayfever has nothing to do with hay or fever.  It is in fact more accurate to call it seasonal rhinitis, or seasonal conjunctivitis if the eyes are affected.  The first recorded description of hay fever was in an academic paper in 1819 by John Bostock, in which he described it as Summer Catarrh.  At the time he […]

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The Rise of Fear

By Steve Coster / 2nd April 2022

Are we addicted to fear? Watching the events in Ukraine unfold over the last few weeks is terrifying.  At times, watching the news is like watching a horror film.  I cover my eyes, but I can’t help peeking through my fingers to see what will happen next.  Too scared to watch but at the same time unable to […]

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Just Relax!

By Steve Coster / 3rd December 2021

If you have ever studied a martial art, being told constantly to relax probably sounds familiar.  The trouble is, no body ever actually tells you what ‘relax’ means, other than, ‘You know, relaaaax’.  And in a world that never switches off and where the subliminal message of growth is constant, it’s difficult to relax.  So, […]

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No Pain Never Again!

By Steve Coster / 3rd September 2021

It’s lucky for the human race that we have a very short memory when it comes to pain and stress.  If we remembered these sensations acutely, I doubt very much anything worth doing would be repeated.  Everyone would be a single child, no one would change job or partner, and we would all still be […]

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Cancer: the ‘Western’ Disease?

By Steve Coster / 15th May 2021

One in two people will develop cancer at one point in their lifetime.  That sounds pretty terrifying, doesn’t it?  Before I begin then, let’s get some perspective; not everyone who gets cancer dies of cancer.  Cancer treatments have come a long way in recent years, especially if they are identified early.    It is now possible […]

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Springtime and Emerging from Lockdown

By Steve Coster / 24th April 2021

What does Spring mean to you?  Traditionally it is a time of new beginnings, a time when we burst forth with renewed vigour after a long winter of rest and recovery.  As we slowly emerge from Lockdown (again), this all sounds quite relevant. Gulag COVID 19 One of the things I’ve been hearing my patients […]

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Supporting Local Business

By Steve Coster / 17th March 2021

Over the Lockdown local businessman Dave McNeilly has been interviewing other local businesses who have stayed open during the pandemic. Here I am talking to Dave about who I am and what I do. If you have any questions about acupuncture, or any of the topics in my blogs, please do contact me.  Find out more […]

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The Yin and Yang of Snow

By Steve Coster / 10th February 2021

No matter how much of a pain the snow can be (disrupting travel, closing schools (if they weren’t closed already)), it still sparks that childhood joy in me.  My heart still leaps when I wake up on a winter’s morning to find that is has snowed over night.  And although I no longer rush out […]

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The Heart Speaks and the Kidneys Listen

By Steve Coster / 18th November 2020

Since the Lockdown I’ve been seeing more and more people who are suffering with anxiety and depression.  Recently I resumed my work at Macmillan and, although my first client was booked in for 45 minutes, we ended up chatting for the whole treatment.  For my client it was invigorating to simply get out of his […]

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Autumn is here…nearly!

By Steve Coster / 14th September 2020

Just when we thought it was Autumn the sun has decided to give us one more blast of warmth!  Strictly speaking, of course, it’s the tilt of the planet and the southerly winds that dictate when it is warm in the UK.  The sun doesn’t really care.  It just shines on regardless, 24/7 all year […]

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