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Just to let you know I took a pregnancy test over the weekend and the results were positive. I am absolutely over the moon and truly believe the Acupuncture played a part in the result…so thank you very much!

Nicola - IVF Support client

You will be pleased to hear that my neck and shoulder are so much better, I cannot believe it. Yesterday and today I have had no pain at all; I feel 20 years younger!!

Lara - Neck and Shoulder pain client
I came across acupuncture and Steve at the end of my second pregnancy. I was looking for help to induce labour as it was not going well by itself, my waters started going but my body showed no other signs of labour. Similar thing had happened during my first pregnancy and the result of that had been emergency C-section and traumatic birth for me and my first child. So on the second occasion I decided to try other options before calling the hospital. I had a session with Steve at 19:30 and by 22:00 the same day I was in full labour. My child was born in less than 5 hours later. I absolutely recommend Steve’s services for induction of labour, worked perfectly for me and eventually I had a birth experience I always wanted, thank you. 
Anna - Induction of Labour Client
I used to suffer badly with neck and shoulder pain and had regular osteopathic treatments which gave temporary relief. I heard about Steve and Tui Na and booked a session. That was a year ago and I have learned so much about myself and realised the cause of my pain was primarily from stress and tension. Steve uses various methods each visit to release the muscle tension and calm my mind. It’s been a godsend and I now feel in control of my body at last! Thank you so very much.
Louise - Neck and shoulder pain client
I had developed a skin condition (dermatitis) on my face - it had come out of nowhere but quickly turned red and patchy and flared up to the point I couldn't wear makeup and felt hugely self conscious. A western Doctor wanted to treat it with a prolonged course of antibiotics but instinctively I knew this wasn't the right approach for me. I looked for help in alternative medicine and luckily a friend recommended Steve - it was the best thing I could have done! After seeing Steve each week for about 12 sessions, it's now completely healed and I feel fantastic. Not only is my skin better but I'm less frazzled, much calmer and thoroughly enjoyed the relaxing treatment (a treat in itself). Whatever ails you, I'd strongly recommend seeking acupuncture - I've no idea how it works, it just does! Thanks,
Sarah - Dermatitis client
After over 20 years of suffering with sinus headaches, and trying different remedies and therapies with no luck, I finally feel I have found a treatment that works for me. I contacted Steve explaining my symptoms which included extreme pressure in my face and head, with cronic neck and back pain. The pain used to make me feel very tired and irritable, and it was difficult to concentrate on work. Tui Na sessions have made me feel more energetic, balanced and my headaches are practically non existent. I look forward to my next treatment. Thank you!
Jayne - Chronic headaches client
Steve was recommended to me when I hurt my back last year and was able to get me back to normal after only a few treatments. As he looks to treat the whole person rather than the individual problem, through our consultations i told him about the debilitating migraines attacks I have suffered with for many years and he suggested acupuncture. After an initial course of weekly treatments i now have monthly sessions and my attacks have reduced both in frequency and intensity. Steve is thorough and very professional and I’d highly recommend him.
Jayne - Migraine client
After over 10 years of digestive problems due to a hiatus hernia, I was amazed to learn (during a routine endoscopy) that it had completely disappeared! The consultant confirmed that the acupuncture sessions I had been receiving from Steve helped my stomach and oesophagus to relax enough to function normally again. The pain and nausea up to then had been low level and constant causing a great deal of discomfort. Steve’s sessions enabled me to go off my medication and feel much better. I can’t recommend him enough.
Fern - Hiatus hernia client

I have visited Steve for many years now - it started as helping my recovery from a broken ankle and the associated issues that caused, along with other sports injuries and also for more general well-being. Steve is super educated on his topics and really knows how it all works. He asks the right questions, offers great advice and his treatments always deliver results.

I can't thank Steve nor recommend him enough.

I would fully recommend (and do) Steve Coster acupuncture to anyone. I approached acupuncture with a level of skepticism as so many other treatments had failed to help me previously. However, it was the kick-start my body needed. I am truly grateful to Steve for his dedication, patience and persistence in helping me – he never gave up even when I had lost hope.
Rebecca - Amenorrhea Client
I suffer with painful feet which makes walking difficult. My acupuncture and massage sessions with Steve bring me great relief and I am so happy that I can walk without pain again. I can't recommend this highly enough!
Debbie - Painful feet client
Steve has been treating me for the past few months and we are gradually making progress (whereas Western medicine has had no effect at all). I am very pleased with the results. The treatmeants are relaxing although I feel energised after, and I love the cupping!
Chris - Anosmia client
I initially consulted Steve regarding treatment for my knee arthritis as acupuncture is one of the few complimentary therapies recommended by Arthritis Research UK.  Almost immediately I noticed that my menopause symptoms (brain fog, hot flushes etc) were reducing.  After 8 treatments over a period of 4 month, my sleep has improved and my menopause symptoms have gone. My knee is slowly improving and I have been able to make a cautious return to running.
Melanie - Knee Pain / Menopausal Symptoms
I was diagnosed with PCOS back in 2017 and since doctors said there was nothing I could do about it I turned to acupuncture to see if I could get my body back into balance naturally. I tried two acupuncturists before I moved to Southend and then found Steve. In my first session Steve confidently said he'd get me a period back within three months. As I hadn't had a period for nine months I thought that sounded ambitious... Low and behold, in just three weeks I had a natural period! I couldn't recommend Steve highly enough. Sessions with him are always relaxing and informative, he knows how to make you feel at ease and give you hope that the body does know how to heal. Thank you!
Emily - Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
Steve Coster is a highly skilled proffesional with great knowledge and insight into Eastern Asian Culture and medicine. He is friendly and each clinical appointment with him has been a relaxing and insightful experience. He made me feel at ease and so comfortable, something I usually find very difficult in any situation. If your suffering in anyway, I would highly recommend Steve.
Jon - Back Pain
I visited Steve because I had suffered total hearing loss in my left ear and a friend told me about an article he had read where someone with a condition identical to mine had been succesfuly treated by an accupuncturist.

After a few visits to Steve I regained a degree of hearing back.
I would recommend Steve without reservation.

Arthur - Hearing Loss

Steve has a great way about him., he listens, he helped me relax and he’s a natural, very knowledgeable and very passionate about what he does. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Steve.


Steve’s acupuncture has helped where others have failed. Highly recommended.


I have been suffering with a severe adrenal burnout and a problem with kidneys and water retention for 3 years. Acupuncture with Steve managed to shift all of these issues within 9 sessions  and I am fully recovered now. I can recommend Steve`s work to anyone who is struggling with a chronic physical problem, which is hard to shift.


My daughter suggested Acupuncture to me for addressing my ongoing lower back problems. I was skeptical but she booked me in anyway, and so glad she did. Steve got to the root of my issues which stem from emotional and stress issues, manifesting in my chronic back pain. He has the patience, listening skills , and the knowledge not just of acupuncture but of Wellbeing in general. Would definitely recommend Steve and will keep him in my contacts list for future appointments. Cheers Steve your'e a keeper!

Ronald - Back Pain

I was referred to Steve through Macmillan and just finished my 6 week coarse of treatment. I found  the whole experience brilliant. Steve addressed some of  the issues I was experiencing as a result of my cancer treatment, the main one being lack of movement due to lymph node removal, after a couple of treatments I found that I gained  much more range of movement in this area which has made life much more easier. Fantastic !!

Kelly - Breast Cancer
“My sister saw a post on Facebook about Steve’s successful treatment for a lady with PCOS, and she suggested I contact Steve to see if he could help. At this stage I hadn’t had a period for roughly 2.5 years and had been having issues for a number of years before that. The Doctor’s only solution was that I stayed on the pill to regulate my period, and when I did come off it in December 2016 they were totally unsupportive. I really was totally lost for what to do until my sister found Steve!
I told Steve my fear of needles and he was absolutely brilliant and reassuring – I can honestly say not one of those needles ever hurt and I’ve had a lot now! Steve went through the approach we would take to get my periods going and that it would be a 3 month journey. When we came to the end of the 3 months, however, my period hadn’t started again, so we talked through the options. Steve was really supportive and I made the decision to carry on as I felt we had put so much time in to give up. I am so so glad we did as a few weeks after I had my first period in over 2.5 years!
If you are not sure whether to give acupuncture a try, whether you’re scared of needles, cynical as to how it works or just apprehensive, seriously, have one consultation with Steve and you will change your mind. It’s an investment into your health and well-being, things in life that are priceless!”
Vicki - PCOS and Amenorrhoea

It’s now almost 4 years since I was diagnosed with incurable (so far but who knows) advanced prostate cancer and I’ve really benefited from your support, help, posts and guidance, as well as acupuncture and the introduction to Qi Gong. I’ve had great a support from many people, but you’ve really played an important part helping me to think about my physical, mental and emotional health and how to look after myself. I know that you’ve made a real difference to people with cancer from your work at Macmillan and I know it is appreciated. Thanks for helping me live in the present.

Michael - Prostate Cancer

I was suffering with lower back pain and had no idea why my back was hurting so much. Steve suggested Tui Na which is Chinese Massage. Although it was a deep massage I found it extremely relaxing. I cannot believe after just one session I felt so much better! A fantastic therapy. Thank you Steve.

Kim - Back Pain

Steve helped me over the course of 12 weeks with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I would have a session on a Friday evening and feel the best I did all week on the weekend which I put down to Steve’s treatment. I have never tried acupuncture before but I felt a noticeable improvement following each session.
Steve also helped with advice regarding dietary changes and breathing exercises and was generally a big help.

Emma P - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Had a shoulder injury that wouldn't go no matter what I did (heat packs, yoga, massage) after a few sessions Steve Coster acupuncture cured it. Highly recommended.

Mark - Shoulder Injury

Steve is the most wonderful acupuncturist and if anyone can help then I believe it's Steve. I have seen him for infertility issues (I now have a daughter) and at other times when I have needed help. He is absolutely passionate about acupuncture and so knowledgeable in the alternative therapy world. Each session is relaxed and calm and he listens to you to find a way to help. Steve has changed the way I see my health and his advice has been invaluable in finding the right paths for me and my family to follow in this respect. Trust in him to help you heal yourself and you won't regret it.

Clare - Fertility

"I have been seeing Steve for over 2 years for acupuncture sessions; when I started I had been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer and needed something more than and extra to my treatment at the hospital. I have found that the sessions have enabled me have a calm approach to what I am experiencing and to overcome the negative aspects of my condition.
Since Lockdown I have been seeing Steve via faceTime and have found it a great help. He has given me massage techniques and exercises to improve my physical and mental well being. I now see it as part of my daily routine; once you start time seems immaterial and I finish in a better place."

Colleen - Cancer (Lockdown Sessions)

I saw Steve regarding a chronic knee condition, he performed a combination of acupuncture, massage and Moxa which helped tremendously. Highly recommend.

Steve - Chronic Knee Condition (Chondrocalcinosis)

Steve creates a warm relaxed atmosphere and makes you feel welcome from the very first moment. I suffer from chronic migraines but since visiting Steve for acupuncture treatment the change in my migraines has been amazing. I definitely recommend giving it a try.

Katie (Migraine)

Thank you so much for your help, before I came to you I was crying every day with the pain I had, not one pain killer worked, after the 1st visit I felt like a new woman, left with an ache, very much different from the coccyx lower back pain that drove me to tears. The 2nd time I came to you I had an ache plus not comfortable sitting on my coccyx, you worked wonders yet again, the niggling place was my coccyx, still tender to sit on but after the 3rd time, voila no pain killers, no hot water bottles and am able to do loads more compared to before my 1st visit.
What can I say Steve, I’m absolutely gob smacked and amazed at your wonderful work and love the reassurance that I can come and see you if ever I needed to, your truly my saviour and I can’t thank you enough, I suffered for three long months before my visit to you, all I can say is I should of gone sooner.
If anyone needs a recommendation I would definitely recommend Steve, his a nice guy and knows his work.

Carol (Coccyx pain)

I was suffering from a flare up of arthritis in my knee which was extremely painful and prevented me from practising meditation in my preferred kneeling position. I had three acupuncture sessions with Steve and he sorted me out completely.  I found him to be an assured and competent acupuncturist with an attentive and friendly manner.
I recommend him wholeheartedly.

Madeline - Knee Pain