Hay fever

hay fever acupuncture southend Westcliff

How’s your Summer Catarrh this year?

By Steve Coster / 8th July 2022

Hayfever has nothing to do with hay or fever.  It is in fact more accurate to call it seasonal rhinitis, or seasonal conjunctivitis if the eyes are affected.  The first recorded description of hay fever was in an academic paper in 1819 by John Bostock, in which he described it as Summer Catarrh.  At the time he […]

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Acupuncture Westcliff southend

Love Summer, not Hayfever!

By Steve Coster / 28th March 2019

The hayfever season is fast approaching.  I have a special interest in hayfever;  I’ve always suffered with it: as a child,  through my teens, even as an adult.   And I even wrote my dissertation it.  But I don’t love it, I hate it! So if you would like to give Acupuncture a try, now […]

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