Coronavirus Statement from Steve Coster Acupuncture

Let me begin by stating that Acupuncture, Tui na and Qi Gong are all excellent for boosting the immune system and therefore protecting you against viruses such as Covid19, or at least lessening the symptoms you may experience.

However, please do follow the NHS guidelines re hand washing.   Should you contract the virus, or you suspect you have it, again please do follow the NHS guidelines.

My clinic is open as usual but if you have any flu-like symptoms please call me before attaining your appointment.

Until further notice I will be

  • providing hand sanitizer to all my clients as they enter the building
  • wiping down the treatment couch and face hole after every client
  • couch roll is always changed between clients anyway
  • all surfaces will be cleaned daily

If you have any questions about Coronavirus and Acupuncture, please do contact me.

I wish you all good health.



If you have any questions about acupuncture, or any of the topics in my blogs, please do contact me.  Find out more about me, or my treatments  here.

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